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Our Story

Fluid Float Studio opened in 2016 offering the same sensory deprivation experience of a tank or pod but in larger custom-built cabins with added features and health benefits. With that focus on customization, the Fluid Float cabins  were always intended to be prototypes for a potentially bigger goal. To bring the long-term health benefits of a sensory deprivation cabin into your home or business. Replacing or piggy backing on other wellness based systems like pools, hot tubs , saunas , etc. There’s is no other tool like a sensory deprivation cabin, which can take you away from your thoughts and bring you closer to your subconscious and others while regenerating many of the bodies organs and systems.

Fluid Float’s original cabin design and size are well suited to anyone who is uneasy with enclosed spaces or with mobility issues. The cabins are quite large compared to the more typical tanks or pods—you can stand up in them or put them in a dedicated room or area and have larger doors instead of a lid or hatch. Besides the advantage of size, the cabins offer a number of other unique options allowing you to customize your float experience, such as an infrared therapy option while you float, color therapy lights below the water line, and optional music streaming.

Due to the emergence of this terrible pandemic and travel restrictions for the unforeseen future, Fluid Float has made a lateral move to start offering Float Cabin Kits that clients can assemble themselves or with local contractors. With the new addition of the Hybrid Float Cabin which is a combination of float, sauna and even a hot-tub setting.  You will will truly benefit from our multi-use wellness vehicle from Fluid Float .