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Fluid Float Cabin Kit - Fluid Float & Sauna Hybrid Cabins
Fluid Float Cabin Kit - Fluid Float & Sauna Hybrid Cabins
Fluid Float Cabin Kit - Fluid Float & Sauna Hybrid Cabins
Fluid Float Cabin Kit - Fluid Float & Sauna Hybrid Cabins
Fluid Float Cabin Kit - Fluid Float & Sauna Hybrid Cabins

Fluid Float Cabin Kit

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Bringing The Float To You

Floating regularly helps reduce physical and mental stresses on the body. Floatation therapy is a simple, effective way to invest in your own health and happiness. The deep relaxation state is achieved by releasing natural endorphins associated with meditation and floating weightlessly to allow the body to relax and recover from stress.

If your reading this,  you have probably floated before and understood the benefits floating regularly provides. Unless you have tried a Float Cabin, you probably found floating in a tank or pod intimidating, ‘closed in’ or even claustrophobic. Maneuvering in and out of a tank or pod may be awkward for some due to mobility issues alone. With our ‘Float Cabin Kit’, your comfort, space, and customization are priorities. We give you a working system to place in a room or build around according to your own personal style and space. From basic low-cost finishes to stylish design.

Float Cabin Features

  • Fiberglass Base with non-slip coating
  • Door Entrance
  • Colour Therapy
  • Inline Heater and Radiant Heat
  • Automated Controls 
  • Surround Sound
  • Filtration
  • Heat & Sound Insulation
  • Optional Infrared therapy
Ask about our new Float/Sauna Hybrid. Float when you want and convert to a full Sauna at your convenience with a simple conversion to get the most health benefits from your purchase.

    At minimum dimensions of four feet wide, eight feet long, and nearly seven feet high, they are easily accessible and ensures that it is easily accessible and nobody gets claustrophobic during a float session. Within each float cabin, 10 inches of water, heated to the temperature of your skin, the water is infused with up with 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts that make the water extremely buoyant and ensures that the body floats effortlessly.

    A large, side or front door, right from the shower preferably, which is optional, makes for easier access. Internal grab bars offer greater safety, comfort, and a sense of security.

    Experience Music in the Float Cabin, directly from your own player,  with speakers positioned above and below the waterline, sound surrounding your body as it floats inside on the surface of the saline solution.  With the option to remove light and sound, you can experience that sensation of floating through space that you have come to love if you’re a regular floater.

    Plus Taxes, Shipping & Freight

    Not included:

    ❎ Power supply - Choose from 110V/220V setup.

    ❎ Ventilation Fan -A standard bathroom fan or inline fan is required based on your room size. Ex. 100 square feet room = 100 CFM fan

    ❎ Epsom Salt - Based on your tank size. Salt is sold separately or can be bought locally.

    Note: Electrical and Mechanical by-laws differ per location if you intend to use for commercial use. We can help you navigate your local laws if purchasing for commercial purposes.